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def widgets::tests::test_dictionary_grid::TestDictionaryGrid::test_copy_dictionaries (   self  ) 

Testcase for LP: #497664

Definition at line 205 of file test_dictionary_grid.py.

00205                                     :
        """Testcase for LP: #497664"""
        dicts = [{"key1_1": "val1_1", "key1_2": "val1_2", "key1_3": "val1_3"},
                 {"key1_1": "val2_1", "key1_2": "val2_2", "key1_3": "val2_3"}]

        #build the CouchGrid
        grid1 = DictionaryGrid(dicts)
        # added two dicts, so length should be 2
        self.assertEqual(len(grid1.get_dictionaries_copy()), 2)

        #no dicts, so it should be 0
        grid2 = DictionaryGrid()
        self.assertEqual(len(grid2.get_dictionaries_copy()), 0)

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